Missoula Breastfeeding Coalition

The Missoula Breastfeeding Coalition supports and promotes breastfeeding for everyone in the community. The Coalition consists of community members who have occupational or other direct interest in breastfeeding promotion and advocacy.

  • The Coalition provides a free Breastfeeding Rest Stop at several Missoula events during the year. The Rest Stop is a tent that provides shade and privacy to feed babies, breast or bottle, and breastfeeding resources. The tent includes comfortable chairs, diaper changing station, drinking water, breastfeeding pamphlets and is staffed by breastfeeding experts from the Coalition.
  • The Coalition hosts a room at the Western Montana Fair where families can feed their babies, breast or bottle, in a cool and clean location.
  • The Coalition coordinates and sponsors a Professional Breastfeeding Educational event each year where Continuing Education Units (CEUs) can be obtained for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC) and Registered Nurses (RN).
  • The Coalition sponsors the Breastfeeding Friendly Business Drive which educates local businesses about Montana Breastfeeding Laws regarding breastfeeding in public and at the worksite.

The Coalition has regular monthly meetings at the Missoula City- County Health Department at 301 West Alder. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at noon.

Missoula Breastfeeding Coalition

Mary Strand, IBCLC

Missoula Breastfeeding Coalition President Lactation Consultant

Missoula County WIC Program
301 West Alder Missoula MT 59802

(406) 258-3829