Respite Child Care

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Luckily, Missoula parents have access to respite child care.  This is a FREE, short-term childcare program available to all families at the Parenting Place.  Children are cared for by trained staff, and are fed a nutritious meal.  Respite Child Care is available Monday through Friday from 4-7 PM.  


Here’s how you get started:

First you need to enroll your children with the Parenting Place.  Children ages 0-10 are able to enroll in respite, so call today to set up your appointment.  Once the simple enrollment process is complete, you can call in the morning to reserve a spot for your child in the evening.  To make planning easier, Friday slots can be reserved up to four days in advance!  Families can utilize respite up to two times a week.

Still have questions?  Contact The Parenting Place:


1644 S 8th St. W

Missoula, MT 59801

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