CATCH – Coordinated Approach To Child Health

CATCH stands for Coordinated Approach to Child Health. CATCH is a multi-componentCATCH logocoordinated school health program that builds an alliance of parents, teachers, child nutrition personnel, school staff, and community partners to teach children and their families how to be healthy for a lifetime.

Providence St. Patrick Hospital has adopted the evidence-based program because research has shown it prevents childhood obesity. CATCH is based in pre-K, elementary, and middle schools, and helps children improve their knowledge and practice of healthful eating and physical activity habits. It is successful because it is truly a coordinated approach and, most importantly, fun.

As part of St. Patrick Hospital’s mission and community outreach efforts, it offers the CATCH Program at no cost to schools, after- school programs, community recreation programs, and other organizations that work with school-aged children.

Implementing the CATCH Program is easy. A CATCH coordinator will visit your site to help formulate a plan for teaching the curriculum in the classroom and in PE classes, making changes to breakfast and lunch menus, and organizing family events.

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