Lifelong Learning Center

Lifelong Learning CenterThe Lifelong Learning Center is a resource for ongoing learning in a wide range of areas of interest. What was established in 1957 with a class of 20 journeyman carpenters to learn welding skills has grown to an enrollment of over 11,500 registrations last year. This growth represents a realization among adults of Missoula County that education is a lifelong process in our modern technological and diverse society.

Missoula County Public School District Adult and Continuing Education Division

  • Available for parents and families.
  • Learn to play guitar, and teach your child the importance of music.
  • Take care of yourself and model fitness and health by taking spinning, kickboxing, or yoga.
  • Teach your child skills and independence while you spend time together – take a parent and child cooking class.
  • Earn your high school diploma – Over a lifetime an individual with a high school diploma (HiSet) will earn about $320,000 more in income than someone without. (Reach Higher America, June 2008).
  • Most importantly, if you are a lifelong learner, your child can be too.

The Lifelong Learning Center

310 South Curtis
Missoula, MT 59801