Mountain Home Montana

Mountain Home Montana LogoMountain Home Montana is a nonprofit that provides supportive services, housing, and mental health counseling for young mothers and their children.

Mountain Home’s mission is to provide a safe, loving home where young mothers can discover their strengths and their children can experience the joys of childhood. It serves young women ages 16-24.

When young mothers first arrive at Mountain Home Montana, they enter the Supportive Housing Program in Mountain Home’s seven-bedroom home (*one bedroom is available for emergency, short-term housing). They are welcomed with basic needs, food, shelter, safety and support. While living in the home, mothers receive 24-hour staff support, individual care management, access to social services, GED preparation or high school enrollment, access to health care, job training, transportation assistance, independent living skills, parenting classes, access to quality early childhood education, and more.

When they have successfully met program requirements, young mothers may apply for one of the five-furnished units in Mountain Home’s permanent supportive housing apartments. These are designed to allow young mothers to practice independent living skills in a supportive environment.


Mountain Home Montana

2606 South Avenue West
Missoula, MT 59804