Parents As Teachers (PAT) at WORD

WORDParents as Teachers (PAT) at Women’s Opportunity Resource Development (WORD) is a free program for expectant families and families with children up to kindergarten entry. The goal of the program is that all children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential. There are four core components of this program:

Personal Visits:

Home visits are usually biweekly, lasting approximately one hour. Each visit includes a parent/child fun activity that encourages your child’s learning. Parent Educators share research-based information with families.

Group Connections:

WORD hosts monthly meetings in which parents can connect and support each other. They provide information and activities based on families interests and needs.


Parent Educators monitor and record children’s achievements. Screenings include: language; intellectual; social/emotional; motor development. A health review that includes a record of hearing, vision and general health status is also completed.

Community Resource Network:

During home visits and group connections, they help families connect to community resources. Parent Educators follow up with families about the outcome of the services and address any barriers families encounter.


 Parents As Teachers (PAT) at WORD

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