Planned Parenthood of Montana

Planned Parenthood of Montana (PPMT) empowers all people to make private reproductive health care decisions by providing quality health care, medically accurate education and advocacy for individual rights. Health care, education and advocacy come together at PPMT to provide services which include lifesaving cancer screenings, birth control, prevention, testing and treatment for STDs, breast health services, Pap tests, sexual health education, information and health counseling. Planned Parenthood of Montana also provides services for the Montana Men’s Clinic, an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace Navigator and Plan First (a state program that provides free reproductive health care) enrollment. People of all ages come to PPMT because they know they will be cared for compassionately and confidentially.

At Planned Parenthood of Montana we know that knowledge is power and is essential to making healthy choices about sexuality and reproductive health. PPMT is available for moms and dads who might be uncertain about – or just don’t know how – to talk to their teens about sex. The education department is committed to providing the training, education and support that parents and professionals need to facilitate truly meaningful communication with children of all ages.

Planned Parenthood of MT
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