Rite Care Speech, Language & Hearing Clinic

The RiteCare Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic serves people of all ages. The Clinic is supported by the fundraising of the Western Montana Scottish Rite Foundation. Scholarships for services are available to those in need. The Clinic also functions as a practicum for graduate students in the University of Montana Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Department. Student clinicians are under the direct supervision of the CSD faculty who are licensed and certified.

Pediatric services include evaluation, therapy and consultation. Each child’s program is tailored to their individual needs. Some areas of specialty include augmentative and alternative communication, emerging and developing literacy skills, speech sounds and language disorders and the YETI (Youth Engagement Through Intervention) program that addresses social development. Summer intensive programs are available.

RiteCare Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic

634 Eddy Avenue
University of Montana
Missoula MT  59812